Body Corporates

Councils & Government

ETS has extensive and relevant experience in the delivery of services throughout the community.  Our long-term experience of more than 40 years in the industry indicates an ability to successfully meet the requirements of this contract and deliver outcomes in accordance with our client’s priorities.  Our primary service delivery has been on the delivery of solutions to organisations with a high level of exposure to members of the public.  We implement a methodology and approach that creates a safe environment that maximises the available use of public infrastructure to the community.  The benefits of our experience to this position include:

  • Demonstrated successful capability to deliver  solutions in a public environment addressing situations and issues while maintaining discretion and professionalism
  • Consistent capability to continually provide personnel with the skills, competencies and qualifications to meet requirements
  • Demonstrated capability to apply regulations and standards as provided by external organisations
  • Extensive experienced personnel with the ability to deliver services in close contact with the community and members of the public
  • Capacity to adjust service delivery models to suit expected demand, peak periods and high growth seasons
  • Demonstrated capability to understand the priorities of clients and implement personnel, resources and procedures that consistently deliver results
  • Proven success in performing for large and reputable organisations over a significant period of time